How to Scan Legal Size Documents

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A scanner is a device that scans a document or image for printing, editing or even transmitting purposes. Scanners are present in most business offices and many home-office settings. Although scanning a legal-size image can seem challenging, with the correct equipment the process can be completed in a matter of a few short steps.

Research your scanner's capabilities. Many flatbed scanners do not have a glassed scanning area large enough for scanning legal-size documents. Reduce the image size so that the image can fit onto the letter-size paper. If your scanner possesses a automatic document feeder then the scanner should be able to handle your legal-size document.

Locate your automatic document feeder if your scanner has one equipped. The automatic document feeder is the tray that is located externally on the scanner.

Open the scanner's software on your computer screen. Make sure that the automatic document feeder is selected in the scanner's dialogue box. Selecting this option will allow the scanner to recognize that the document is legal-size while also reproducing the image in the same style.

Start the scan of your image from the "Start" button on the top of your scanner or the "Scan" button located in the scanner dialogue box. The scan should return a legal size document upon completion.


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