If you have copy a document with a light background using a copy machine, your photocopy may be difficult to read. But you can remedy this by tweaking a few settings on the copy machine. In fact, you can actually darken the photocopy so it is easier to read. Darkening a photocopy is something easy to do and something you can do on your own.

Lift up the lid of the copy machine and place your photocopy on the window of the copy machine.

Look on the control panel window or settings on the front of the copy machine. There should be settings for "lighten" or "darken."

Use the arrow buttons to move the setting to "darken" on the control panel. Some copy machines have a touch screen control panel that allow you to use your fingers to adjust how much darker you want the new copy. On older machines you may have to press a "manual setting" button before changing the settings.

Press "Copy" once you have tweaked the settings to make a darker photocopy. If the copy is not dark enough or too dark, just tweak the settings more and press "Copy" again. Do this until you get the desired level of darkening that you want.

Reset the copy machine to the default settings for the next user when finished by pressing the "Clear" or "Reset" button on the control panel of the copy machine.