Ricoh digital copiers are multifunctional devices that can be configured as copier, printer, fax machine and scanner. As scanning documents and photographs is becoming more popular, many customers are equipping their Ricoh digital devices with network scanning capabilities. Once the device is properly equipped, adjusting the scan settings is important to ensure that your image is scanned with the quality you desire.

Place the photograph face down on the platen glass. Place the photo in the upper lefthand corner of the glass.

Press the "Scanner" button. This will put the Ricoh copier into the scanning mode.

Press "Scan Settings." This button is on the touch-screen menu of the device.

Select desired settings. If your photo is color, select Full Color, then select either Photo or Glossy Photo. Pressing the Resolution button will allow you to select the dpi of the scan. Your choices will be from 100 to 600 dots per inch, or dip. The more dpi, the clearer the scanned image will be, and the larger the file will be.

Select scan destination. Once a Ricoh copier is placed as a scanner on the network, it will send scans to either a shared folder or a specified email inbox. Select where you want the scan to be sent.

Press the "Start" button. This will scan the photograph according to your settings and will send the image to the desired location.