How to Delete an Email Address From a Canon Imagerunner Copier

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The Canon company is best known for their traditional and digital cameras. It also produces printers and copiers for use at work and the home. The Canon Imagerunner copier has the capability to scan and email documents to email addresses that you load into the copier. Once you have configured your Canon copier, you may on occasion need to delete an email address from those loaded on the machine.

Turn on the Imagerunner copier by pushing the power button. Wait until it has fully turned on before proceeding.

Push the “Additional Functions” button one time. You will see a list of functions. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and look for the “Register Address” function.


Select the “Register Address” function. Select the menu option labeled "Delete email address."


Search through the email addresses until you locate the one you want to delete by scrolling down the listing with the arrow menu buttons.


Select the email address and choose the “OK” menu button when prompted to confirm the delete operation. The email address will now be deleted from your Canon Imagerunner copier.




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