In 2008, Zebra Technologies began manufacturing and selling label printers to businesses worldwide. The LP 2844 and LP 2844-Z desktop models create labels and have bar code printing capabilities that allows businesses to track inventory, supplies, equipment and shipping. Both models offer a direct thermal application; this type of application applies heat directly to the label eliminating the need to replace messy black ribbons.

Graphics and Fonts

Equipped with 16 bitmapped fonts, the LP 2844-Z supports graphics, Asian and international font packages, as well as the ability to handle custom logos. The standard LP 2844 features five bitmapped fonts, the Asian font set and provides soft font storage in the flash memory. Fonts that are not pre-programmed into the Zebra printer software, but can be used with the label printer through an external device, are known as soft fonts.

Label Sizes

Labels measuring 4 inches wide and 22 inches long can be used with the LP 2844. The LP 2844-Z model accommodates labels of the same width but a longer length, with a maximum measurement of 39 inches.

Bar Code Symbology

Each label printer offers a unique list of bar code symbologies. The LP 2844 provides linear and two-dimensional bar codes including the EAN-13 code with a 2- or 5-digit extension used primarily for magazines and books. In contrast, the LP 2844-Z offers the code 11 symbology mainly used as a bar code for identifying telecommunication equipment.


The LP 2844 offers a memory of 256 kilobytes of static random access memory, SRAM, with the option to upgrade to 512 kilobyte SRAM. The LP 2844-Z model has 8MB of synchronous dynamic random access memory, otherwise known as SDRAM.