Brother International makes the model PT-80 personal labeler as part of its P-Touch labeler series. The PT-80 prints labels on both 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch label tapes and boasts six font sizes and nine font styles for truly custom labeling. The font-sizing option is accessible through menu navigation as well as the function shortcut key.

Using the Menu Options

Press the “Fn” button on the keypad, located at the top right corner of the keypad, next to the arrow buttons.

Press the arrow buttons to scroll through the menu options until the “Size” option appears on the screen.

Press the “Enter” key, located at the right end of the bottom row of buttons.

Press the arrow buttons to change the size option on the screen. Press “Enter” to select a size.

Using the Function Shortcut Key

Hold down the “Fn” button on the keypad and press and release the “Q” button.

Press “Enter” to open the text-sizing menu.

Press the left and right arrow keys to scroll through sizes, then press “Enter” to select a size.