Creating a six panel brochure is easy if you have Microsoft Word 2007 or an earlier version of Word. This tutorial provides easy steps for creating a brochure if you prefer to select a template from the Microsoft website. An alternative is to find a template under the "New" document tab on your computer version of Microsoft Word 2007.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer with Internet access

  • Microsoft Word 2007 or older

  • Printer

  • Printer paper

  • Pictures

  • Logos

  • Written content

Obtain Template

Go to and search for "Templates" or click on the "Templates" tab.

In the "Templates" search box, type this search phrase: "six panel brochure."

Click twice (or double-click) on the icon for the brochure style you like the best. The template will download to the hard drive of your laptop or personal computer.

Fill In Content

Some brochure templates in the tri-fold style (with 6 panels) include default computer graphics, preformatted headings and fonts, dividers and formatted text boxes. After you decide on color or black-and-white, choose where to add content in the template.

Add photos in photo boxes or add your own "Picture" option from the "Insert" menu in Microsoft Word 2007.

Add text in text boxes. Add your own text in predetermined or custom font styles by choosing the "Text Box" tab on the "Insert" menu.

Add your company logo, news articles, descriptions of the organization and captions for photos.


-If you choose a template on Microsoft Office Online, be sure to select a template that works with the version of Microsoft Word on your computer. -Some templates are for Microsoft Publisher. Do not download a Publisher template if you do not have this software on your computer.