How to Design & Print an Envelope for Free

by Anthony Smith ; Updated September 26, 2017
Easily design and print envelopes with Microsoft Word.

The affordability of personal computers and color printers has made it easy for people to perform many tasks formerly left to professionals. Anyone with average computer skills and Microsoft Word can easily design and print custom envelopes.

Open Microsoft Word and start a new blank document. Select the "Tools" menu from the top of the window, then "Letters and Mailings," and then "Envelopes and Labels."

Type in the text for your return address and also the recipient's address in the appropriate places. Format the text with the font and color of your choice to fit the design style of your envelope.

Add a picture or graphic to the envelope by clicking "Insert," then "Picture," and then choosing from one of your picture or graphic files.

Select "Layout" and click on the selection "In Front of Text." Now you can use your mouse to grab the picture you inserted and drag it wherever you like on your envelope.

Click on "Select View" and then "Print Layout" for a preview of how the envelope will look when printed. If necessary, return and make changes to get the envelope to your liking.

Insert an envelope in your printer, select "File," and then click "Print." Make your selections regarding print settings and click "OK."

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