Newsletters let you broadcast an array of facts, announcements and information about your life, business or organization. The documents, created using a design or word processing package, also include photographs, borders and other graphical elements. To get your newsletter to more readers, embed the document within an email for broadcasting to individuals in your computer's address book as well as to anyone who has an email address. You can even embed a newsletter containing website links, photographs and graphics.

Opening & Copying the Newsletter

Click “Start,” “My Computer.” Navigate to the directory containing your newsletter file, if using Windows.

If using a Mac, click on your Mac's hard drive icon. Navigate to the directory containing your newsletter file.

Click on the file's name to open the newsletter. Make any changes, if desired.

Click “Edit,” “Select All” to highlight your newsletter document. Click “Edit,” “Copy.”

Pasting & Sending the Newsletter

Open your computer's email application. Click on the “New Mail Message,” “Create Mail” or similar wording icon on the program's toolbar.

Click inside of the new email message. Click “Edit,” “Paste” or right click in the message and select “Paste.” Your newsletter will appear in the email message.

Enter the email addresses you want to send the newsletter to in the “TO:” box or click on the “Address” icon to add email addresses from your computer's “Address Book.”

Enter your newsletter's name or a title for the email in the “Subject:” box.

Click “Send” to send your email containing the newsletter.


To test your newsletter email before sending it to others, send the email to your email address first to check the photographs, graphics and other elements. If changes are needed, return to the newsletter file, make the changes and click “Edit,” “Select All.” Click “Edit,” “Copy” to copy the contents. Then complete steps in the “Pasting & Sending the Newsletter” section to send the email newsletter.


If your newsletter contains embedded website links, photographs or graphics, your email application's outgoing emails must be set to “HTML” and not “Plain Text.” This setting is under “Tools” in stand-alone email applications. If using a web-based email application, click on the “HTML” link on the new email message's toolbar above the message box.