A newsletter is a periodical distributed by a business, non-profit or other organization. Generally one to four pages long, a newsletter's purpose is to share news relevant to the organization, raise awareness of the organization and give contact information to readers. With the right content, you can make a newsletter quickly and easily using pre-made word processing templates.

The header portion of the newsletter appears prominently on the front page, generally on the top or vertically along the side. The header should include the name of the newsletter, the date and a tagline (e.g. "the newsletter for 'x' organization"). The header should have a larger font than the rest of the lettering in the newsletter, and its font, size and style should remain consistent throughout the newsletter's run.

Featured Article

A newsletter's featured article should contain information about a current event or issue that concerns the organization. The article may describe a recent accomplishment, such as "Our charity raised $5,000 for a local homeless shelter", it may discuss a new service offered by the organization -- "Children's reading club begins on June 4th" -- or it may share facts and opinions about an issue that support the organization's philosophy, for example "Composting reduces household waste by 75%."

Upcoming Events

Churches, schools and non-profit groups in particular like to advertise upcoming events in their newsletters. A list of events typically includes the name of each event, a short description, and the dates, times and locations of each event.

Contact Information

Most organizations are interested in new volunteers or customers, as well as new content for their upcoming issues. Newsletters typically include contact information, and a blurb inviting readers to submit articles, donate or ask for more information.