The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) offers a free software program called USPS Shipping Assistant that allows you to print postage labels that you can use on packages and letters that you mail. The USPS Shipping Assistant creates barcoded USPS shipping labels for domestic, international, merchandise return and priority mail. Because the labels generated are barcoded, the USPS Shipping Assistant program allows you to print postage without displaying the cost of the postage. This feature is commonly used by small businesses that want to hide the actual cost of the USPS postage.

Download and install the the USPS Shipping Assistant Program. Click "Go" from the "Download now!" box. Follow the instructions to in the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Double click on the new USPS Shipping Assistant icon on your desktop to open the program. The first time you access the USPS Shipping Assistant, you will need to register your account. Enter the requested information and click "Register."

Select "Domestic Shipping Label" from the "Label Type" drop-down menu. Click "Edit Sender Address" and then enter the information you want to appear as the return address on your shipping label. Click "Edit Recipient Information" and enter the requested information. Under the "Details" subsection, enter the information about your package or letter including: weight, size and the type of USPS service you want to use.

Click "Calculate." A "Label" box will open that displays the postage information. Make sure the box labeled "Print with Postage" is not checked. Click the green "Print" button. The printer dialog box will open. Select the printer you want to use to print the label from the drop-down menu. Click "OK."