How to Print Labels for Certified Mail

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If you are sending important documents, packages or payments to someone, you may want assurance that the item was sent and received. The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides certified mail as a means to track your package to its destination. Certified mail offers the sender a 20 digit number to track the item online at Printing address labels for certified mail forms will give an ease to completing the certified mail form and save you time at the Post Office.

Open your Microsoft Word program and on the top menu select “Mailings.” Select “Create” on the menu ribbon and select “Labels.” A new window will appear; choose the option “Full Page of the Same Label.”

Select “Options” to choose the appropriate size address label. Review your pack of labels to confirm which address label would be a comparable size. Click the following options “OK” and then “New Document” a new window will appear with a page full of labels for you to type in your information.

Click into the mailing template label. Type the sender and receiver addresses in the separate label boxes. To send one certified letter you will need one sender and two receiver address labels. The sender address label will go on the upper left hand corner of the envelope. One of the two receiver address labels should go in the lower middle of the envelope and the other will go on the USPS Certified Mail Receipt label.

Load your labels in the printer. Select “File” and click “Print.” Your address labels will print out.


  • You can pick-up a Certified Mail Receipt from your local post office.


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