Modern shipping companies provide software for purchasing and printing shipping labels that display the tracking number. Including a tracking number with your shipment could cost extra, but this option may be included with your purchase when you print labels through an online shipping service. You don't need a special label printer for shipping labels, although if you have one, your shipping provider may offer free adhesive-backed labels. You can print shipping labels on ordinary printer paper and attach them to your package with tape.


Visit the USPS website, and click the “Destination” drop-down menu to see a list of countries (see Resources). Select a country as your shipping destination, and click “Print a Shipping Label Now.”

Click the boxes next to “I Would Like to Get Tracking Notifications” and “Notify Recipient of Shipping” to enable these options. Enter the shipping address in the To Address section, and enter the recipient's email address in the Email field.

Weigh your package and enter the weight in the Pounds and Ounces fields. Alternatively, click “I am Shipping Flat Rate” to use Priority or Express Mail services. Click “Choose a Service” to go to the next page.

Choose the shipping service from the Service Options menu, which displays the price of each service in the Shipping Price column. Choose extra services in the Add Extra Services section, or leave the default services selected; they include free tracking and delivery confirmation.

Click “Review Your Cart.” On the next page, click “Billing Information.” Choose your payment method, and click “Pay and Print.” On the next page, enter your payment information, and click “Print Label.”


Visit the UPS site, point the cursor to the “Shipping” tab and click “Create a Shipment.” Enter the shipping address and package details in the Begin Your Shipment form.

Click “Packaging Type" and choose the size of your package. Enter the weight of your package in the Weight field. Click the “Service” drop-down menu, and choose a shipping service. Click the box next to any extra service you want to add.

Click “Bill Shipping Charges To” and choose a payment method. Enter your payment information in the Payment form, then click “Next” to review your order before completing your purchase. When you are ready to print the label, click “Print.”


Visit the FedEx site, and point the cursor to the “Ship” tab (see Resources). Click “Create a Shipment” and sign in to your account on the next page. Alternatively, click “Create a One-Time Credit Card Shipment.”

Enter the shipping address in the To section and enter the weight of your package and select the service type in the Package and Shipment Details section. Enter your payment information in the Billing Details section, then click “Ship” to review your order and print your label.

Ensure your order details are correct. Click “Confirm” to print the label.


If your label is larger than the area of your package to which you apply the label, it's acceptable to wrap the label over the edges of your package. If you need to wrap the label around an edge, ensure the bar code is flat and easy to scan for faster processing.