How to Find a Kinkos Near You

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FedEx Office is the new name for Kinko's. FedEx Office store locations offer copying, printing, Internet kiosks and FedEx shipping services. You can find a FedEx Office store near you by using the online FedEx location tool. This tool will also provide you with the address, phone number, hours of operation and special services offered by individual store locations.

Go to the Online FedEx location tool (See Resources).

Select the "FedEx Kinko's is now FedEx Office" option by placing a check-mark in the box to the left of this option. Remove the check mark from the boxes to the left of the other options in the "Show Me These Types of Locations" subsection.


Enter your zip code or address information in the "Your Location" field.


Click the "Find Location" button to display FedEx Office locations near you.



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