Unlike other types of FedEx locations that just allow you to send or drop off packages, a FedEx Office, formerly called Kinko's, provides numerous services for your business. Along with comprehensive mailing services, these locations offer everything from printing and faxing services to passport photos and internet access. You can easily find the nearest location using the FedEx website's locator tool, and you can also find the location's hours and list of services.

Exploring FedEx Office Services

While the selection of services can vary by FedEx Office location, some common features you'll find include:

  • Full-service packing and shipping: Rather than just serving as a place to drop off items, a FedEx Office can provide shipping supplies, do the packing for you and sell postage. These locations also allow you to have packages held there when you're away or have nobody at your business to sign for you.

  • Printing services: Whether you're making brochures or business cards, you can upload items to the FedEx website to print at your nearest FedEx Office, email them to a special address or have these documents sent from cloud services like Dropbox. You can also insert a USB stick at a self-service FedEx printing device.

  • Faxing and scanning: You can have faxes sent to a FedEx Office or send them from one. You can also scan hard copies into digital form.

  • Media duplication: If you need to copy DVDs or CDs or make custom-labeled ones for your business, a FedEx Office offers disc printing and duplication services.

  • Internet access: You can often get free wireless internet access 24/7 from a FedEx Office along with the option to use workstations complete with popular design and productivity applications.

  • Passport photos: You can get your passport picture taken and printed as well as get assistance with applying for a passport.

  • Document shredding: Whether you need to safely destroy financial documents or letters, FedEx Office offers shredding services at a per-pound rate.

  • Office supplies: In addition to shipping and packing supplies, you can purchase items such as paper, books, ink cartridges, binders and pens at a FedEx Office.

Finding the Closest FedEx Kinko's

To find the nearest Kinko's or FedEx Office location, visit the FedEx website, select the "Locations" menu and choose "Find a Location". Begin to type your full address in the search box shown, and FedEx's tool will start giving you auto-complete options. You can simply click your address when it appears as a suggestion. This will generate a list of FedEx locations of various types such as drop boxes, on-site shipping centers at Walgreens, FedEx ShipSite and FedEx Office locations.

You can scroll through the list to find the first FedEx Office location, which will be the one closest to you. To narrow down the results to make the location easier to find, click the "More" button near the refinement options above the list. Choose the "Copy and Print Services" option to remove all locations except FedEx Offices.

You can then click any FedEx Office result to see a card showing the address, pickup hours, store hours and list of services. You can click "View Details" to see more options such as the ability to place an online print order with the location, to get directions and to call or email them. You can also explore reviews and images of your chosen FedEx Office.

Considering Alternatives for FedEx Packages

If you can't find a convenient FedEx Office and just need to mail a package, the locator tool should provide several drop boxes and authorized drop-off sites where you can leave a package with a label you obtained online. You can also find FedEx Ship Center locations that sell postage. When you need to ship something big or just can't find a convenient option, FedEx's website lets you pay for a single pickup or even schedule a regular pickup service.