The Konica Minolta Bizhub 163 is a digital mult-functional copier that can do much more than just make copies. Designed for home or small offices, the 163 can be configured to be a network scanner as well as a network printer. As long as your 163 is equipped with the scan and print board, you will be able to use the Bizhub 163 as a true multi-functional network device.

Things You Will Need
  • User's manual

  • Scanning drivers

Load the drivers included with your device onto a computer using the installation disc. If you do not have the installation disc, you can find the drivers on the Konica Minolta website (see References).

Connect the 163 to your server using standard network cables. Once you have loaded the scanning drivers, your server and desktop computers will automatically locate the 163 once it is connected to the network or to a computer via network cables.

Place documents face up into the document feeder of the 163.

Press the "Scan" button on the main panel of the 163. This will bring the 163 into its scanning mode.

Choose your destination. Once you are in the scanning mode, you will be able to choose where you wish to scan the documents. Depending on how you've configured your scanning settings, choose from scanning to a shared folder, an email or a desktop destination.

Press the "Start" button to begin scanning the documents to the chosen destination.