One of the many features of Ricoh digital, multifunctional devices is network scanning. Once equipped with a print/scan board, Ricoh copiers will have the embedded software needed to use the device as a serverless network scanner. The scanning options include scanning to email, a networked folder, a user's inbox or via FTP. Of these options, only FTP requires that an FTP server be configured. Once configured, there are only a few steps needed to choose FTP scanning on the Ricoh device.

Press the "Setting" tab on the front panel of the Ricoh device. This will bring you into a menu in which you can make several global settings for the copier.

Select "Scanning." There will be several tabs that will appear in the "Settings" menu. Press the "Scanning" tab to be brought into the scanning setup and options area.

Select "Scan Options." Depending on the model Ricoh you have, this option may read differently. However, select the option that allows you to set or alter the scanning options, including the destination.

Press the "FTP" option. Once pressed, you will need to know the FTP server address. Enter the FTP information in the dialog box that appears after selecting to scan to the FTP server.

Press "Okay" to save your settings.

Scan test documents to the FTP server. Working with your IT staff, scan several documents to the FTP server and make sure that all scanned documents are stored in the FTP server.