Sometimes you can't wait around for a Fedex delivery. Fedex gives both the sender and the recipient the option of having the package held for pickup. When Fedex delivers a package, they give a time range during which the package will be delivered. However, this time frame may not be convenient for everyone. As the sender, you can have the recipient pick up the package at a designated Fedex location rather than risk a failed delivery. The recipient also has the option of having the package held for pickup.

Go to (see References). Select "Ship," and then select "Prepare Shipment" from the drop-down menu.

Enter your username and password to log in. If you do not have an account, create one to log in.

Enter all of your shipment information.

Select the "Hold at FedEx Location" option in the Special Services section. Eligible FedEx shipping locations are provided based on proximity to the recipient's address. The "Hold at FedEx Location" option is only available with certain services (see References). Place the cursor over any address for hours of operation or additional information about that location. For other locations, select "View more locations" or enter a specific address.

Click "Ship" on the bottom of the screen to submit the shipment information and print the package label.

Call Fedex at 800-463-3339 and ask for customer service if you are the recipient and wish to request that the package be held. Fedex will ask for the tracking information and will determine whether the Hold for Pickup option is available to you. If it is, Fedex will honor your phone request and hold your package for pickup.


Shipments not picked up at the destination location by the recipient within five business days will be considered undeliverable.