How to Get a UPS "Signature Required" Package Delivered if Nobody's Home

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Most residential packages delivered by United Parcel Service do not require signatures. However, if you just missed the delivery, or knew in advance that you would not be home to get it, UPS does have a few suggestions to get the package signed and delivered.

If the UPS "InfoNotice" is yellow and white, it means the driver attempted the delivery that day. Call the automated 1-800-Pick Ups line and ask for "representative." Give the representative the tracking number on the InfoNotice, and tell him you want to meet the driver somewhere on his route. A UPS rep from the local facility will call you to set up a meeting place with the driver. Bring identification to show the driver and sign for the package.

If you are able to pick the package up in the evening, call the 800 number and tell the representative to place the package on "Same Day Will Call." The local UPS facility will hold the package until the facility closes that evening. You must go there and sign for the package.

Arrange for a neighbor to take the package. Put a note on the door instructing the UPS driver to deliver the package to that neighbor. The note must include a name and address.


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