How to Send Back Fedex Packages

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In dealing with packages, there is occasionally a time in which you need to make a return. This could be because the product you ordered is damaged, because you were shipped the wrong item, or for any of a number of other reasons. If your package was shipped with FedEx, there are certain procedures you need to go through in order to return your package. By following FedEx’s return procedure, you will ensure that your package reaches its return destination securely.

Inform the other party of your intent to return your package. Often, a company will refuse to accept a returned package if they are unaware of the fact that you were shipping something back. Call the company or go to their Web site and find the appropriate section for you to input your reasons for returning the package. Wait for confirmation that your request for a return has been received before sending your package back.

Repackage your package carefully and securely. Make sure it is taped up well and will not come open or lose its contents in the middle of the delivery. Wrap your material so that it won’t break in the box. Use the original packaging material if possible. Use packaging tape to tape the box closed if you have it, or simply use duct tape or any other heavy-duty tape material.

Affix the return label shipped with your package to the outside of your box, over the area where your shipping information is listed. Most packages come with a printed return label that is clearly marked in the event that you need to return your package. If your package does not come with a return label, print one out from FedEx’s site.

Schedule a return package pickup, or take your package in to a FedEx location. To schedule a pickup, go to FedEx’s site and click Prepare Shipment under the Ship tab in the header, then select Schedule Return Pickup. Enter the information asked for, then pick a date you or someone else in your home will be available to give the package to a FedEx employee. You can also call FedEx at 1-800-GoFedEx to schedule a pickup.

Pay for return shipping if necessary. Some companies require that you cover return shipping costs, or if you are shipping to a residential address, return shipping postage will be necessary. Use a credit or debit card to pay by phone or online. If you take your package to a FedEx location for returning, you can use cash.


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