Fedex Billable Stamp Instructions

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FedEx Billable Stamps are designed to make managing returns easy and cost-effective. They are shipping labels that you order with your shipping address on them. When a customer requests a return, you send the outbound package to them with your FedEx Billable Stamp inside. The customer, in turn, can easily get the package back to you while allowing you to keep control of your shipping costs.

Open a FedEx account online.

Order FedEx Billable Stamps from or by calling FedEx directly. You will need to provide all details for the address you want the label shipped to and the delivery method you desire.

Wait for your FedEx Billable Stamps to be delivered.

Send out a package or envelope with your FedEx Billable Stamp inside. This is often done when a customer requests to return an item that you sold them. The FedEx Billable Stamp takes the place of an air bill. When you receive the package, you will see your FedEx Billable Stamp attached with the specific delivery settings that you set up. The stamp costs nothing if it is not used.


  • Remind your customers that they will have to contact you, not FedEx, for more Stamps.

    The courier determines the weight of the package at pickup.

    Keep your FedEx account up to date.


  • Advise your customers to leave the address unaltered. Address labels that have been tampered with will not be delivered.

    FedEx says a $4 fee (as of November 2010) may apply for courier pickup if the shipper does not have a regular scheduled FedEx pickup.


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