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FedEx delivers packages to residential and business locations across the world. Deliveries may or may not require a signature to confirm receipt. Signature requirements affect how to refuse a FedEx package. Regardless of the delivery requirements, it is your right to refuse a package to avoid return costs. Refuse the package directly with the delivery driver or by calling in a refusal if it was delivered without a signature; there is no website refusal ability.

Signature Required

When a signature is required for the receipt of a package, refusal only requires notification and refusal to sign. The notification tells the delivery driver that you don't want to accept the package. You can deny the package even if you are not the named recipient. For most businesses, refusal of packages is done by a receptionist or other gatekeeper, which is an acceptable form of refusal. Don't sign the form acknowledging receipt if you are refusing a package.

In some cases, FedEx makes delivery attempts. When this happens, the delivery driver leaves a note with a returning dated and time. If you fail to be available after the third attempted delivery over the course of three business days, the package is automatically returned to the sender.

No Signature Required

If no signature is required for delivery, the sender has waived the desire to get confirmation. In this case, the delivery driver leaves the package with a receptionist or at the door. You can still refuse a package after it has been delivered.

Call FedEx customer service at 800-463-3339. Provide the representative with the shipment tracking number on the FedEx label along with the address of delivery. Explain that you are refusing this package and need a pickup. Note that FedEx will usually pick up packages from businesses but not from residences. If FedEx won't pick up the package, take it to a FedEx drop-off location to complete the package return.

Who Pays

In most cases, the sender is responsible for the payment of return charges. However, if the package was signed for by the recipient or the recipient's representative such as a receptionist, payment for return shipping is the recipient's responsibility.

FedEx is not as clear as UPS regarding the time frame to coordinate the refusal. UPS clearly states you have five days to arrange for package refusal and return. FedEx doesn't state a time frame, although doing it as soon as possible after an undesired delivery makes sense.


FedEx reserves the right to charge senders for disposal of packages that are refused but not returnable due to package issues, damage, or contents not allowed by the FedEx terms of service.


Advise all office staff who might potentially sign for a delivery that you are refusing a package from a particular party to prevent inadvertently accepting the package.