When that new part you ordered online turns out to be the wrong part, you can send it back using thee UPS third-party billing option.This can happen when you order a part from a distributor but the part was shipped directly from the manufacturer. You must be preapproved to do so and have the UPS account number in advance. In most cases, you will also have a return merchandise authorization number given to you by the company from whom you purchased the item. If you ship using a third-party account number without preapproval, you can get stuck with the charges if the company disputes the shipment.

Online Option

Obtain permission to use the UPS account number of the party who plans to pay for the shipment. Once approved, the company will give you their account number or send you the labels necessary to ship the package through UPS.

Log into your UPS account if you were not provided in advance with shipping labels. If you know the UPS account number of the third party, you can access the "Bill Third Party" option that allows you to bill your shipping charges to an account holder who is neither the shipper or the recipient. Enter the destination address for which the package. Click the tab for "Service."

Click the drop-down menu in the box marked "UPS Service." Select the type of service desired. Select the type of package from the drop-down menu, "Package Type."

Enter the shipment weight in the box marked "Package Weight." Click the drop-down menu in "Bill Transportation To" and click "Third Party." Enter the third party's billing information in the "Bill To" field.

In-Person Option

Repeat Step 1 from the previous section.

Go to a UPS drop-off location. Drop-off locations can be found by clicking the "Find Locations" tab in the left column of the UPS home page and entering a ZIP Code.

Present the package to the clerk at the location.

If using a UPS label, check "Bill Third Party" and enter the account number of the third party.


Do not share a third-party UPS account number with other people. If you are returning merchandise to someone other than the company from whom you bought it, make certain you have the RMA number on the package.


If the third party refuses to pay for the shipment, you will be billed for the costs.