Melaleuca is a company that makes natural products for sale with a business model of enrolling people as customers and rewarding them for referring others who buy through their account. The trouble is that people frequently feel the products are overpriced due to being marked up for commission payments.

Many people enroll in Melaleuca subscriptions only to find that they don’t go through the products as quickly as new products ship out to them. Leaving the contract proves to be tricky, and “Melaleuca cancel account” has become a popular web search.

Understanding the Melaleuca Membership Kit

Membership incurs an annual fee, and upon joining, you receive the membership kit, which is basically a folder that has a variety of printed materials like the catalog and information on how to sell Melaleuca to friends and family for potential supplemental income. However, with millions of customers already and it being so easy to order products online, some speculate that fewer than 1 percent of those trying to sell Melaleuca make a livable income off the products.

The Challenge of Cancelling Melaleuca

Cancelling or suspending your account is the same process. It is possible to do it online without talking to anyone, but it’s advisable to go the call center route and document your process. Melaleuca has had a lot of complaints for having a nontransparent method of leaving the brand, so it has been a challenge for many people in the past.

Start by calling the Melaleuca customer service line at 1-800-262-0600 and be firm because they're trained to talk you into not leaving. Don't stop here because the company is notorious for not recording cancellations. When you call the customer service department, say you want to cancel your account but also make a thorough record of this call by noting to whom you’ve spoken, the date you called and the time of day. Take a screenshot of your smartphone with their phone number and the time of the call.

Ask them where you can get the cancellation form to fill out and return to them. There is a form online, but it's highly recommended that you try to get it directly from the phone staff.

Remember That Details Matter

One of the problems with the web-based method of leaving Melaleuca is that there are so many steps that it’s easy to overlook one thing, which effectively negates your entire attempt to leave the company, meaning you’ll get yet another order shipped before you realize you're still in.

To that end, be aware that the 25th of the month is when it’s too late to cancel or change orders or to cancel or suspend your membership before the following month’s shipments are made, and from the 25th on, you’ll get billed for that next shipment too.

The Next Steps

Once you’ve called, you’ll need to log in to your account and then go to You’ll see a screen with your account information and other settings. Click on “other options,” and you should see “cancel preferred customer benefits” with a “learn more” button under that. Click it. They’ll have a letter saying it’s rare that people want to cancel their benefits. Click “send me instructions.”

You’ll get an email with an embedded link. Click the link, and you’ll have another page asking if you want to cancel your account. You have to choose "yes" and then explain why. Next, you’ll have a series of acknowledgements, and you have to click all six boxes and then select “print cancellation form.”

Fill out the printable Melaleuca cancellation form and then scan it (or use a scanning app on your smartphone and photograph it to convert to a scan) and email it to [email protected].