PayPal is a free, online money transaction site. Linking your website or blog and a PayPal account will allow you to sell goods or accept donations. Patrons and supporters will not send money directly to you, but they will enter their bank or credit card information into PayPal's interface. Your PayPal account is tied to your bank account, making for easy collection and transfer of funds. Link your website and your PayPal account with a customized button that PayPal provides for you.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet connection

If you do not already have one, create a new account on PayPal's website. Go to the official PayPal home page (See the Resources Section for a link). Use your mouse to click on the link "Sign Up," which is located at the bottom of the gray sign-in box.

Click the fourth blue tab labeled "Merchant Services." Next, click the "Donate" link. It is the third link in the list labeled "Create Buttons."

Select an answer from the drop-down box under the label "Accept payments for." Your choices are: products, services, subscriptions and recurring bills, donations and gift certificates. Then, answer the following question: "Do you want your customers to buy multiple products before they check out?" Select "Yes" or "No" by clicking on the empty circle to the left of each answer.

Fill out the extra information that PayPal requires to create your account link by writing the name of the item you wish to sell, the price, the tax, the shipping and other information. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the yellow "Create Button" box.

Embed the HTML code for the PayPal button that appears on the screen by highlighting all of the code and copying and pasting the code into your website's or blog's code. Your website and PayPal now are linked.