CitiMortgage is the division of Citigroup Inc. that originates and services mortgage loans. CitiMortgage offers a variety of mortgage loan products, including traditional fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages and home equity lines of credit. If you are a CitiMortgage customer and you want to check your account information, you can register for a free account with My CitiMortgage, the online banking system for CitiMortgage. This system allows you to view account statements, get information about your account and make online payments.

Vist the CitiMortgage website (see Resources).

Click the "Enroll Now" link on the left side of the page.

Enter the user name and password that you want to use to access the My CitiMortgage online system.

Enter your email address and select and answer three security questions. Enter the security code and click the blue "Continue" button.

Select the option to "Link an Existing CitiMortgage Account" and click the blue "Continue" button.

Enter your date of birth and Social Security number. Select the "CitiMortgage Account" option under the "Account Type" subsection. Press the blue "Continue" button. CitiMortgage will confirm the details of your My CityMortgage online account registration.

Return to the CitiMortgage home page. Enter your CitiMortgage user name and password and click the green "Secure Sign In" button.

Click on your CitiMortgage account to access detailed information about your account including your current balance, previous payment history and next payment due date.