ComData provides a hassle-free way for employers to pay their employees in the form of a debit MasterCard. Employees can access their money immediately without waiting to cash a check. Upon activating the card, track the balance online, by telephone or via an app.

Online Portal

It's critical to activate your card before using it to avoid a fee. Go to the ComData website and register an account to activate your card. You need your card number and an activation code to begin the registration process. Once you complete the registration, you can log in and check your account balance at any time, as well as view your transactions, dispute any purchases and print account statements.

Check Balance Via Telephone

If you don't have access to the internet, there's another option. Flip your card around and dial the phone number displayed. An automated system walks you through the entire process. Some quick tips while you're on the call:

  • The star key (*) allows you to return the previous menu.
  • Press 9 to connect to the main automated system menu.
  • Press 0 at any time to speak with a customer service representative.

Use the App

The Comcheck mobile app is free to download. Once you register your Comdata card on the app, you can check your balance for free at any time. You can also use the app to transfer money to other Comcheck mobile app users for free.

Helpful Tips

ComData suggests checking balances only via the online portal, telephone or opt-in for text message alerts through the online portal. No fees are assessed when you make purchases with your ComData card using it as credit or with your pin number. The first transaction of each pay period will be free of ComData fees. When using an ATM to withdraw cash, note that you don't have to take all the money out. Additionally, if you use an Allpoint or Regions ATM, you can avoid excess fees. To locate an Allpoint ATM in your area, visit the Allpoint website or the Regions website.

Cardholder Benefits

A ComData payroll card provides several benefits. You can pay bills and make online purchases without a bank account. You have the security that your money is one place without carrying cash. If there comes a time where you do need cash, you can withdraw the specific amount you need, and because there are more than 80,000 surcharge-free in-network ATMs for ComData, you won't have to worry about additional charges.