Why Would a Cash Account Have a Credit Balance?

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Cash is an account used in accounting that has a normal debit balance. Accounting is done using a double-entry method using debits and credits. The cash account represents how much cash the company has on hand or in its bank accounts.


When a company writes checks out totaling more than the amount of cash available, the cash account would have a credit balance.

Deposits Not Recorded

The company’s cash account might reflect a credit balance if a deposit made has not been recorded on the check register.


Checks Mailed

Sometimes a company mails checks out in the afternoon which causes the cash account to have a credit balance. The company then makes and records a deposit the following day.


Electronic Withdrawals

Often times, electronic withdrawals happen that the company did not expect. These withdrawals would cause the cash account to have a credit balance.


Monthly Fees

Monthly fees occur with bank accounts and can cause the cash account to have a credit balance if there is not enough money in the account to cover the fees.