How to Find a FedEx Tracking Number

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FedEx delivers more than 14 million packages each business day. The company has over 425,000 team members and 185,000 motorized vehicles worldwide. Individuals and businesses alike use its services to send and receive goods, letters and more. Each package is assigned a tracking number that allows customers to identify and trace it on its way to the destination. It's not unusual for business owners who send or receive products regularly to lose their FedEx tracking number. Luckily, there are ways to find this number and determine the exact location of your package.

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The easiest way to find your tracking number is to sign up for a user account and access FedEx InSight. Registration is free and takes just a few minutes.

FedEx Tracking Number

All delivery services companies assign tracking numbers to their shipments. The FedEx tracking number is between 12 and 14 digits long and can be found in positions 21–34 of the bar code. Customers can use this number to track the status of the package that is being processed.

Let's say you've purchased a new laptop and you're waiting for it to arrive. If your order is delivered via FedEx, the retailer may send you an email containing the tracking number. You can track the package location by accessing and entering that number in the designated field. Simply click "Tracking" at the top of the home page and submit this unique identifier.

If you've lost the FedEx tracking number, there are other ways to locate your shipment. Most times, all you need is an active FedEx account.

Use FedEx InSight

FedEx InSight is an online service that allows customers to monitor their orders without providing a tracking number. To access this feature, head over to the company's website and click "FedEx InSight."

Sign up for an account to see the status of all shipments that match your address or account number. All you need to do is fill out a brief form. Choose a user ID, provide your name and enter your contact information. Creating a user account on is quick and free.

Registered users have access to a dashboard displaying their shipment history and status as well as details about each order. Here you will see all tracking numbers and receive notifications about your delivery. Customers can also filter shipments by country, service type, status and delivery date. Furthermore, they can export or download shipment information and save it in the desired format.

Make a Phone Call

Customers can also track their shipments by calling 1-800-463-3339, or 1-800-GOFEDEX. If you don't know your FedEx tracking number, give the customer service agent as much information as possible about your package. He will enter in the system your name along with the recipient’s contact details in order to locate the tracking number.

Track by Door Number

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can locate the package by entering your door track number in the "Tracking ID" field. This number should start with the letters "DT," followed by 12 digits. Click "Track" to see the status of your order.

Track an Incoming Package

If you're waiting for a package, request your FedEx tracking number from the sender. She can find this number on the receipt. After you receive it, access and use the tracking ID feature. Another option is to track the package location by entering your transportation control number or reference number.

If you know that your package will be delivered via FedEx, ask the sender to notify you by email. Customers who send products with this company have the option to notify up to four recipients. This email will include the FedEx tracking number assigned to the package for which you're waiting.

Except for FedEx freight shipments, tracking information is available for 90 days from the date of delivery. Customers have access to freight shipment data for up to two years.



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