How to Mail a UPS Package

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The United Parcel Service, (UPS) is one of many delivery services available in the United States and worldwide. If are considering using UPS to mail packages to friends, family or customers, do your research. UPS has a number of shipping options, costs and procedures that may suit your needs.

Obtain a time and shipping cost estimate. Visit and select "Calculate Time and Costs" from the "Shipping" menu at the top of the page. Fill out the form completely and press "Next." The website will display your results, along with available shipping options for your item, on the next page.

Press the "Ship" button next to your desired option to pay the shipping costs online and to print a mailing label for your package. To use this feature, you must sign up for a MyUPS Account (See Resources).

Schedule a package pick up through the UPS website if you have prepaid the shipping cost and have obtained a mailing label, or drop your package off at a UPS Drop Box. Otherwise, you may drop off your package and pay for shipping at a UPS Store, Customer Center, Alliance Location or Authorized Shipping Outlet (See Resources). Note that pick up times vary depending on the location.



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