The Importance of Postal Services & Systems in Office Administration

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Office administrators depend on the accuracy and efficiency of postal services and delivery systems to conduct daily business. A major factor in business is communication with customers, clients, contractors, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers. Global business opportunities increase dependency on worldwide postal services and international mail systems.

Certified Mail and Delivery Confirmations

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The increased use of electronic technology has not replaced the importance of all postal services and international mail systems. The postal service provides certified mail and delivery confirmations that guarantee office administrators that the documents or packages have been delivered properly. Postage rates and delivery times can be calculated online to expedite the process.

Small Packages and Large Deliveries

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Office administrators use postal services and systems to send out and to receive important notifications, signed contracts, written correspondence, small packages and large deliveries. Cell phones, text messages, email correspondence and fax transmissions have reduced the use of general letter services, but cannot entirely replace the importance of postal services. Office administrators rely on postal service deliveries of office supplies and products ordered online and through catalogs. Postal services also allow busy office administrators to track and confirm shipments to ensure timely arrival.

Daily Operations and Accounting Methods

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Postal services and systems are critical to the daily operations of business offices. Office administrators depend on the efficiency of the delivery systems to send out paycheck stubs, business invoices and bill payments. Although a majority of companies offer electronic services, many offices use traditional accounting methods and pay operational expenses by company check. Postal workers pick up outgoing mail conveniently each day at approximately the same time. Traditional postal services offer convenience, reliability and dependability.


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