How to Use Self Serve Post Office Packages

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Waiting in line at the post office to ship your packages can be frustrating while also costing you precious time and money. To help alleviate the congestion, the United States Postal Service has installed self-service mailing kiosks at many post offices throughout the country. As long as you do not have any questions or require the assistance of a customer service agent, you may use the self-service feature to efficiently ship your packages.

Take your packages to the nearest post office that offers an Automated Postal Center. Make sure that the boxes or envelopes are packed, sealed and addressed.

Make sure that you have the correct ZIP code for your packages and mail. The Automated Postal Center requires a ZIP code and will print your postage to match the particular ZIP code that you enter.

Place your first package on the scale of the self-service postal kiosk. The screen next to the scale will guide you through several screens while asking questions in order to provide you with the right postage. Questions include asking for the destination ZIP code as well as how you would like to mail your package, such as priority or first class mail.

Confirm the amount of postage when the Automated Postal Center shows the information on the screen. Select how you would like to pay for your postage; the kiosk takes debit and credit cards.

Slide your card, enter your PIN number if it is a debit card and confirm your purchase.

Take the postage and your receipt once dispensed from the kiosk and affix the postage to your package.

Give your package to a customer service agent; you should be able to hand it directly to an agent to mail rather than wait in line.


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