The Stamps on Consignment Program from the United States Postal Service provides alternatives for customers who would like to purchase stamps but do not want to go to a post office. There are more than 48,000 locations across the country as of 2010 that sell stamps. Retailers participating in the consignment program do not receive compensation and may not sell stamps for more than than current postal prices.

Grocery Stores

Customers can purchase stamps at grocery stores, such as SuperValu. Some stores offer books of stamps at the cash register, while others offer single stamps or books of stamps at the customer service desk. Grocery store customer service desks may also have a mail drop where customers can leave their mail for pick up by the postal service.


Pharmacies, such as Walgreens, sell stamps. Customers can ask the cashier for the stamps at the checkout counter.

Retail Postal Center

Retail postal centers, such as Mail Boxes Etc., offer postage stamps and supplies such as boxes, protective wrap and tape. Customers can also ship packages, fax documents and rental mail boxes from postal centers.

Retail Stores

Customers can buy stamps from retail stores such as Target or Costco. They are available from the customer service desk and, in some cases, they are sold at discounted prices.