Machines & Equipment Used in the Office

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Proper office machines and equipment help businesses run like well-oiled machines. Although each business may have specific equipment determined by industry, there are universal technologies for all office spaces. Each item works together to ensure duties can be performed in-house, which can save time and money.


Computers make it easier to keep employees informed the fastest way possible.
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A computer can be considered the most important office equipment. The Internet has made it possible to connect people around the world, thus a well-equipped computer system is imperative to running a business. Companies can choose either PC or Mac systems, based on preference. The important thing is that one system is chosen for the entire office, which allows for office networking. Laptops are more expensive than desktops, and are often used for working from home.

Copy Machines and Printers

Copy machines have many important functions, but can be costly to purchase and maintain.
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Whether an office needs a full-sized copier or just a three-in-one printer is determined by the size of the business. Most large companies have a heavy print and copy load and need the durability of a full-sized copier that can print remotely and make large scale copies. High-quality copiers may be a necessity, but that depends on the business. Small businesses can save money and buy a small printer with copying and scanning functions, if it's determined that large quantity print-outs won't be a daily occurrence.

Fax Machines

Fax machines are an alternative to email and scanners.
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The role of the fax machine has decreased in the office with the introduction of email and scanners, but standard fax machines remain an office staple. Fax machines make it possible to transmit documents, rather than waiting for mail. Standard functions of an office fax machine can vary by company. Start up businesses and those sending over 15 faxes a day often need a high capacity memory and sending speed.

Telephone Systems

Hands-free headsets enable employees to type while they talk.
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Offices have telephones that often feature multiple lines and caller identification. A speakerphone option makes conference calls possible. While not every office has a secretary, answering systems make sure that customers never hear a busy signal. These are messages that play when calls come into the office and give callers options on how to direct their call.


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