List of Supplies Needed at a Reception Desk

The reception desk provides the first company image for customers, vendors and suppliers. Your receptionist should ensure the desk stays neat. Have enough office supplies to last until the next order. Buy office supplies at discount stores or office supply stores, or order supplies from online stores.

Business Envelopes

Receptionists use business envelopes to send client statements, bills or correspondence. Ensure your receptionist has envelopes of different shapes and styles. Keep interoffice envelopes for paper-related transfers between company departments. Place some business envelopes atop the reception desk.

Desktop Business Card Holder

Keep a desktop business-card holder on the reception desk. Clients, suppliers and vendors can take extra cards. Match the cardholder with your company's image. For example, a doctor's office may choose neutral colors, such as brown; but a graphic designer may use neon green or pink. Have your receptionist replenish the cardholder when it becomes low.

Appointment Book

Receptionists should have an appointment book that shows calendar dates and provides space to make notes. For security and privacy, store appointment books at the end of a work shift. Find appointment books at office supply stores.


Your receptionist uses paper when performing job duties. Purposes include making photocopies, mailing correspondence and sending faxes. Keep paper stored on the desk neatly. Your business can save money with recycled paper. Use a master list for ordering paper as supplies become low.

Pens and Pencils

Your receptionist uses writing instruments such as pens. Receptionists sign for deliveries and send out envelopes. Choose a range of red, black and blue pens. Have a penholder on the reception desk for neatness. Some clients or visitors may need to use a pencil. Place two or three on the desk for their use. Consider corded pens to protect your investment and ensure customers don't inadvertently take pens.


Your receptionist uses scissors to cut paper and open packages. Purchase a pair of quality silver scissors and keep them on the reception desk. Ensure your receptionist has a back-up pair of scissors. Find scissors at office supply stores or order them online.


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