Businesses of any type need to keep clients apprised of pertinent information. A medical office moving to a new location not only moves the services, but the controlled private information of clients, such as financial records, insurance and medical charts. A letter or post card notifying clients and potential clients of the office's new location is important to maintaining the client base and expanding it.

Things You Will Need
  • Letter grade paper with letter head

  • Post card with clinic name and information

  • envelopes

  • client mailing list

  • labels

  • postage

  • new address of office

  • old address of office

Step 1.

Gather the names and addresses of your clients. Medical offices looking to expand client bases would also be wise to collect names and addresses of potential clients in a three to five mile radius of both the old location and new location. Place all the names in a word processing document, Excel spreadsheet, or another program. This keeps the names organized in one list.

Step 2.

Address or place labels on envelopes or postcards. Avery has an excellent free download for templates to create labels at

Step 3.

Devise a simple statement that describes the who, what, when, where and why of the move. Sometimes businesses will place an answer to a why question by stating something similar to "to better serve you..." or "we are growing and..." Be sure to include the medical office name, its old and new location as well as the dates of when service will start at the new location and stop at the old. Directions and a map are important features to include. The map should show well known streets and intersections near the new location and place a marker to approximate where the clinic is in proximity to the better known street or intersection.

Step 4.

Buy postage and mail the notices. Postcards and letters can be metered mail if the medical office has already purchased this from the post office. If not, flat rate standard postage can be purchased online or at the post office.


The telephone company may have local directories for the area surrounding the office to assist in compiling potential client lists. Voter lists are public record and will contain names and mailing addresses as well. Posting a public notice in a newspaper can also serve to notify potential clients about the location move.