How to Write a Business Relocation Letter to Vendors

How to Write a Business Relocation Letter to Vendors. Moving a business to a new location whether real or virtual does not need to be the nightmare it sounds like. It's all about keeping up communication with vendors, customers and shareholders. Below are some things to include when informing vendors that a business is relocating.

Begin by stating the business' new name (if applicable) and then new address at the top of the letter, centered in bold and more than 12 point in size. This information should stand out as it is the main purpose of the letter. Be sure to include new phone numbers, fax numbers, web sites and email addresses below the street address.

Introduce the topic of your relocation by thanking your vendor for their past service and expressing the hope that it continues after the move. This seems simple but it is important. When a business relocates, vendors can become insecure about the continuation of the business relationship and clear reassurance is necessary.

Explain to your vendor the reason for the move and your feelings surrounding it. Hopefully, the relocation is a positive one and a sign of expansion in your business. Sometimes it may be due to increased costs or other unforeseen challenges of the current location. Be open and honest.

Re-write the new address in the body of the letter to emphasize the change. Its always good to include the new business card in regular or magnet style with the letter. Explain this is your way of keeping the vendor informed.

Invite your vendor to any event you are planning to mark the move. Office warming parties are a good way to keep the vendor informed and thank them for their service. Give details such as date and time of party in the letter.

Conclude the body of your letter by thanking the vendor once again for their service and how much you appreciate them.

Finish by letting the vendor know they should call or email you with concerns or questions before closing with the usual "Sincerely." Be sure to mail the letters before your move so no one feels out of the loop.

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