Moving your business from one location to another is both an exciting and difficult venture. On one hand, you have new possibilities on the horizon with your updated office space. On the other hand, there are many logistical details you need to figure out. One of the most important parts of moving your business is to send a business relocation letter to vendors. This helps to ensure there are no hiccups in operations and billing.

Gather the Information to Include

The main details you need to include in your office relocation letter to suppliers is the new address of your business. Ensure you have the full address written down correctly, including the ZIP code. Also provide the phone number and email address within the body of the letter even if they have not changed.

You’ll also need to tell vendors of when you will be moving. Provide a date for your last day of operations at your old address and the first day of operations at your new address. This way, vendors will know exactly where they need to make deliveries and send mail, regardless of where you are located.

Provide a contact that vendors can reach out to if they have any questions regarding your move. This way, if vendors need to coordinate delivery dates with your move or they need to figure out other logistical details, they can speak with someone at the company directly.

Provide Reasons for Relocating

Another important element to include in your office relocation letter to suppliers is the reason for moving. Vendors are valued business partners that require honesty and trust. Whenever possible, it’s important to tell them about why your business is moving. Some reasons why you may relocate include:

  • Accommodating business growth
  • Moving closer to vendors and customers
  • Upgrading equipment and facilities
  • Entering new markets
  • Lowering costs and reducing overhead

Timing Your Announcement

When you inform vendors about your relocation is a critical point to consider. You don’t want to give them too much notice that they forget about the move, but you do want to give them enough time to figure out logistical details. Be sure to provide a minimum of four weeks advance notice, especially if you’re sending your letter by post mail.

Business Relocation Letter Template


We’re excited to inform you that [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] will be relocating as of [RELOCATION DATE]. Thanks to your support, we have been growing our operations and require more warehouse space to expand our business.

Our new address is [NEW BUSINESS ADDRESS].

Our phone number and email address will remain the same: [PHONE AND EMAIL].

Our last day of operations at our current address will be [DATE]. Please send all deliveries and correspondence to our new business address as of [RELOCATION DATE].

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at [PHONE].

Thanks for your continued partnership,



Other Considerations When Relocating Your Business

In addition to informing vendors about your move, there are a number of other groups you will need to tell. These may include:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Media
  • Governing Bodies

The way you inform each group of people will vary. Informing employees can be done in person at the office or through an email memo. You may even hold a short meeting to discuss the details of the move.

You can inform key customers, media contacts and governing bodies with a similar letter as vendors. Informing prospects and other groups through your website and social media is also an option. To avoid confusion, be sure to update all elements that have your address, including letterheads, business cards and any signage.