Valuable or sensitive items, such as expensive merchandise or personnel documents, shipped via the United States Postal Service often include an insurance or delivery service that requires a signature or proof of receipt. If you miss an initial delivery, you can visit your local post office to pick up the package. You may also need to pick up your mail at the post office if you placed mail delivery on hold for a vacation or if you choose to rent a post office box to keep your business mail secure.

Picking up the Mail

It is important that you determine the correct post office location for pick up. There may be several locations in your area, but only one that services your business address with mail delivery. Go to and click on "Locate A Post Office." Insert your street address including zip code and then click "Search." If there are multiple locations for your zip code, call the phone number next to the location to confirm that your mail goes through this location.

Signature Required

Typically, the U.S. Postal Service delivers mail to your delivery address. But if the sender chooses to mail you a letter as "certified" or "registered," it usually means you are required to personally sign for the item. If you are not at your business when the letter carrier attempts delivery, he will leave a small notice on your door or postbox indicting the arrival of the letter. The notice will state where and when you can pick up the letter or provide information for rescheduling delivery to your business.

Vacation Holds

Other possible reasons for mail pickup at the post office is because you placed a hold on your mail while you are out of town or you have forwarded your mail from a previous business address. Once you arrive at the post office, check posted signs or inquire with a customer service agent to visit the appropriate window for mail pickup. Be prepared to show your identification and business information to verify you are the intended recipient.

P.O. Boxes

If you prefer to receive your business mail at a post office, you need to rent a post office box. Rental fees vary based on the location of your post office. A variety of box sizes are available based on the needs of your business, and rental terms range from three months to one year. If you are picking up mail from your post office box, go to to determine the hours that the post office box lobby is open at your location. Some offices have 24-hour access.