How to Set Up a Small Business P.O. Box

Private mailing centers and government postal organizations offer customers the opportunity to rent post office boxes. Using a mailing box as part of your official company address can add a professional touch to your small business. A post office box can be a time and money saver as well because you can purchase supplies and postage at the same location where you check your mail. A postal box also gives you privacy and makes it easy to forward your mail should your business relocate to a different county, city or state.

Search for an available box. Visit the United States Post Office's official website (see resources). Click "Go" under "PO Boxes Online". Click "Get Started Now". Type your street address, city, state and zip code. Select the number of miles you want the post office you rent your box at to be from your home. Click "Search".

Choose a box size. Review the list of nearby post offices that upload on the screen. Review the sizes and prices for available boxes. Click on the post office location, box size and length of time you want to rent the box. Keep in mind that larger boxes cost more to rent. Note that you can rent boxes for six or twelve months. Click "Continue".

Complete forms. Click "Sign Up" and create a login and password so that you can complete the paperwork and conduct business with the post office over the Internet. Choose whether you are setting up a personal or a business account. Fill in your online profile information including your name and home mailing address. Keep in mind that if you open your post office box in person rather than over the Internet, you will have to fill out a small form that is about the size of an index card and supply your name and home mailing address as well as select the size and duration of the box you want to rent.

Pay applicable fees related to the size and duration of the box you are renting. Select the credit card that you want to pay for the fees online with. Submit your order.

Show identification. Go to the post office in person to pick up your box keys. Bring two pieces of identification to the post office with you. Note that you can use items such as a valid driver's license, military identification card, passport or voter registration card as identification. Keep in mind that one of the pieces of identification must include a photo of you.


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