If you are operating a business or looking for an alternative way to receive mail, you have a variety of options depending on your preferences. Anonymous mailboxes are available, as well as mailboxes at different locations other than your home address to better suit your business needs.

Physical Mail Drop Locations

You can register for a physical mailbox, or mail drop address, which means your mail will be delivered to an actual address other than your own home or business. These physical mail drop services usually charge a monthly fee or a “lease.” Research locations near your home or business to find the most services at the best price.

Virtual Mail Drops

You can register online for virtual mail drops, choosing your address. When mail is sent to this address, the company intercepts the mail and forwards it to a physical address, your actual home or business address — which was hidden from your customers and clients. These services are also known as mail-forwarding services.

PO Boxes

You can register and pay for your own post office box by visiting your local post office. Though this mailbox does not officially replace your home or business address, you can have your mail sent to your personal PO Box or have your mail forwarded to this address. A PO Box may be used as a private mailbox, or to keep your business secure and private. You can rent PO boxes at a six-month rate or yearly, and prices vary by location. If you are expecting large packages, your post office offers larger PO Boxes to accept different kinds of media. Prices for private post office boxes depend on location, size and the length of the box lease.