Every piece of mail you send should have a return address label on it. Whether you are sending personal or business mail, you don't have to spend a fortune on return address labels. In fact, you can print free return address labels.

Things You Will Need
  • Printer

  • Blank label sheets

Search online for free return address label templates. Many sites offer templates that you can download to your own computer.

Choose the template you like best and download it.

Open the template and enter your own information into the open fields. You can use print free return address labels for your home residence or business.

Buy sheets of blank labels from your local office supply store. Make sure the blank labels you buy match the template you chose. The template should list the size or type of labels it fits.

Insert the blank label sheets into your printer's load tray. Follow your printer's instruction manual regarding which side to load face up.

Print your free return address labels. Allow a few moments to pass before touching the labels if you have an inkjet printer. This will allow the ink to fully dry.


You can also design your own return address labels in various programs, such as Photoshop or Word. You can get creative and put a family or business photo on the labels.

Before printing on the blank labels, use a blank sheet of standard printer paper for a test run. You can then correct any issues without wasting your blank labels.


Only download templates from a solid online source. Beware of downloads that may contain viruses.