Making labels on the computer is a great way to simplify your life. Microsoft Word 2007 is the best software for making labels quickly. Word lets you make a full page of labels for a single address or a page of labels with different addresses. You can also print out the labels and save the pages of labels in case you need to use them again. Using address labels looks much more professional than writing addresses by hand.

Things You Will Need
  • Microsoft Word 2007

  • labels

Buy standard blank address labels at office supply stores. While there are many different kinds of labels, choosing a basic and professional-looking label is a good option because it can be used in all situations.

Click on the Mailings tab once you have opened Microsoft Word 2007 on your computer.

Click on Labels in the Create section. A box titled "Envelopes and Labels" will open. In the box, select the Labels tab.

Click Options. Enter the specific information about your printer. Then, enter the brand and product number of the labels that you have purchased. Get this information from the labels’ packaging. You must enter the correct printer and label information to ensure that the labels print out correctly. Click OK.

Click New Document. A grid, or a blank page of labels, will open up.

Enter the addresses you are mailing to into each cell. Be sure to include the recipient’s name, address, city, state and ZIP code. Use the U.S. Postal Service’s address guidelines.

Save the file if you will use these addresses again in the future. If you will never mail to these address again, there is no need to save.

Put blank labels in the printer. Click the Print icon on the top toolbar.

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 above.

Enter the address for which you want a full page of labels in the Address box. This option is perfect for addresses to which regularly mail information. Include the recipient’s name, address, city, state and ZIP code.

Click on New Document. A full page of labels will open up with the address in each cell of the grid.

Save the file if you mail information to this address often. That way when you run out labels for this address, you can simply open the file and print out the labels.

Insert the labels into the printer and click the Print icon to print them out.


To change the font of the text on the labels at any stage, highlight the text, right-click and select Font. In the box that opens, you can change the font style and size, bold the text or format it in other ways. Click OK.