You've done the hard work of getting a bakery business plan off the ground. Now you need to let the neighborhood know you're around. Your ads should do more than let people know you're open. They should give a clear sense of what makes your store unique. Will you specialize in the basics -- breads, cakes, cookies -- or focus on more elaborate desserts? Will you have tables and coffee for costumers, or will they need to shop and go? Good ads answer these questions, and get clients excited to stop by.

Create flyers about your bakery to distribute to local businesses and homes. Include photos of your baked goods, along with your name and slogan and information about your store, such as its address, phone number and hours. Offer a coupon to encourage people to come into your store.

Contact local newspaper and television reporters. Let them know you are opening a bakery and invite them in for a sneak peek of the store.

Place ads in local media outlets like newspapers, radio stations, websites and regional magazines. Before you place an ad, request rates and demographics. This will help you select the outlet that reaches your target audience.

Launch a website. The site should include information about your store, what you sell, a price list and contact information. It should also include pictures of your mouth-watering treats. If you have a logo and slogan, make sure to display them prominently.

Host a grand opening party. Offer lots of free samples and advertise the samples on big signs that you hang in front of your store.

Contact your Chamber of Commerce and ask about opportunities to participate in fairs or festivals. You might be able to set up a table. Offer free samples and have a stack of fliers and business cards on hand.


Many towns and cities have online databases of all local stores. Contact the person or organization that runs these database to get your bakery on the list.

Design boxes and bags that list the name of your bakery and your logo. Few people can resist checking out a box full of baked goods.