Furnishing your coffee house is a big deal. It sets the tone and atmosphere for your shop and communicates to customers the type of establishment you want it to be. Whether you're shopping at a mainstream furniture store or picking up second-hand chairs at a thrift shop, what's important is that you make your coffee shop a comfortable environment people want to keep coming back to.


Chairs don't have to cost a lot of money to do the job for your coffee shop, but depending on the amount of space you have you may need to buy lots of them. Look for chairs that match your coffee shop's personality. If you're more whimsical you might pick up chairs for $10 apiece from thrift stores, while pricier, decorative chairs could work if you're going for a more modern look. Find sturdy chairs that will last. Prices range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, with a more middle-of-the road-price is $25 to $40.


Coffee shop patrons often look for a place to spread out and work. You'll want to have a few small tables for individuals and couples, and perhaps some larger ones to attract larger groups. New tables at commercial furnishing stores are usually around $150 to $200, but you can find them for much higher and lower prices. Pick tables that will last through heavy use, but that will also look good in your shop.

Comfortable Seating

If you want to provide more cushioned seating that makes it easier for customers to linger, it's going to cost you a little more. Look for couches that and cushioned chairs that are comfy -- the kind people would love burrowing into to read a book and drink a few cups of coffee. Plan on spending $500-$1000 for love seats or small couches and $150-$300 for cushioned chairs.


Bookshelves aren't always necessary, but can add character to your coffee shop and give you a place to display any mugs or other products you have for sale. New bookshelves can be picked up for less than $50 at office supply stores. They're also available at furniture stores and department stores, as well as second-hand stores.

How to Save

Starting a coffee shop can be expensive, and furniture can quickly add up. To save money consider, purchasing used furniture. Another way to save is to purchase in bulk. Contact a local retailer and let them know exactly what you're looking for and how much you need. If you've found a price online, let them know what that price is and ask them if they can beat that or if they can offer a discount for large orders.