Whether the economy is good or bad, flea market popularity remains high. Affordable prices, carnival atmosphere and a wide variety of available items draw buyers week after week. Flea markets that specialize in craft items and craft supplies are ideal for marketing your beads because they draw a high volume of buyers who want to make things themselves. You can increase your potential for bead sales by maximizing your market visibility.

Select a heavily trafficked market area for your display. You want your beads seen by as many buyers as possible. Cost typically ranges from $20 to $30 per space. A premier market space may cost an additional $5 to $10, but it has the potential for greater sales volume. Areas near parking lots, food markets or buildings where restrooms are located are desirable because they increase your exposure to foot traffic.

Get sales permits and licenses, if necessary. Requirements can vary. The sale of your beads, unlike some items such as food, may not require vendor permits or licensing. Contact the flea market organizer regarding vendor responsibilities.

Set up your canopy and display tables an hour before the market opens. Experienced buyers typically arrive early to walk around and check out merchandise prior to buying. Your canopy gives your bead display an inviting jewelry store-like feeling. It provides shade from sun or protection from rain. Canopy kits can be rented or purchased online or at outdoor and camping retail outlets.

Attract buyers’ attention. Create signs in eye-catching colors that are easy to read and let buyers know you are a bead vendor. Use balloons or other decorative items to draw attention to your space. Display your beads by colors or types in organized trays or on table covers. Place easy-to-find price tags on each item. Messy displays confuse buyers and discourage sales.

Converse with potential buyers. Have interesting stories about your beads that entice buyers to linger at your display. People are attracted to vendors who have interesting information about their products, such as where your beads come from, who makes them and what are they made from. Price your beads competitively but be prepared to bargain. Price haggling is a fundamental flea market ritual and increases sales.

Set up a cash box and receipt pad. Successful selling requires that you make change for customers. Bring enough cash and coins to make change for small bills. Provide bags for your customers to carry their bead purchases.

Things You Will Need
  • Canopy

  • Tables

  • Table covers

  • Beads

  • Display trays

  • Price tags

  • Cash box

  • Cash