Flea markets are an ideal way to reach a wide variety of consumers and start a small business. Successfully selling t-shirts at a flea market will involve finding a flea market that attracts your target demographic as well as the basic marketing involved in promoting your t-shirts. Positioning your booth or table as close to the entrance as possible will ensure you see a lot of foot traffic.

Research the flea market itself and the type of buyers, sellers and products that will be in attendance. Ideally, you want a flea market that will attract your target demographic, such as those looking for novelty buys or essentials, instead of flea markets focused on upscale purchases, such as antiques. You also want a flea market that won't have an extensive amount of competition, so make sure there won't be dozens of other t-shirt vendors. Visit prospective flea markets beforehand to scout out the ones that are the best fit for you.

Create a clean, orderly and professional space for your t-shirt sales. Position tables and display cases to neatly display your t-shirts. Cover your booth area with a tent to make the space as comfortable as possible for consumers and browsers, regardless of the weather that day. Hang t-shirts on racks, so they are clearly visible and easy to browse.

Wear your product and encourage others to do so. Give away a few t-shirts to other flea market vendors. If consumers notice someone wearing a t-shirt design they like at another booth, they may be more inclined to seek you out.

Partner with other vendors to reach more customers. Offer to host a small display of another vendor's items at your booth if they do the same for you. Choose vendors in a similar industry, such as a seller of hats, jewelry or other fashion items.

Hang signs and flyers around your booth and around the flea market area or neighborhood if possible, advertising your t-shirts. List the location of your booth or table and also the types of shirts you sell. Include a photo of some of your stock or t-shirt designs if space allows.

Things You Will Need
  • Tables and display cases

  • Racks

  • T-shirts

  • Flyers

  • Signs