How to Make an Advertising Poster

by Contributing Writer ; Updated September 26, 2017
How to Make an Advertising Poster

An advertising poster is an easy and inexpensive way to get information out to the public. Posters are usually only briefly seen by your target audience, so you must keep it simple and have a clear point. Use as few words as possible, and emphasize the message.

How to Make an Advertising Poster

Step 1

Identify the reason for the poster and the message you are working to get across. If you are advertising an event, make sure that event is clear. Use simple and few words so the message does not get lost.

Step 2

Identify your target audience so you can tailor the message and content to that target.

Step 3

Define your budget so you know how many posters you can afford and the quality of those posters. With a larger budget, you can get professional printing. However, with a smaller budget, you may have to print your poster or produce fewer.

Step 4

Begin designing your poster once you have identified your message and target audience. Develop a rough draft, and lay out the design to fit the chosen poster size. Print a draft and let someone look it over for correct content, spelling, and layout or design issues.

Step 5

Place your logo or identifying image on the poster before printing the final product. This will ensure those who see the poster will identify the advertisement with your organization.

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