If you’re in the flooring business, you know that great sales depend on your ability to showcase your product in an attractive way. That’s why your advertising tactics should revolve around letting customers see, touch and feel your flooring in real-life settings and essentially allowing your product to sell itself.

Be a "Model" Advertiser

Model homes get a whole lot of eyeballs. Obviously, many of those who tour model homes are in the market for a new place, but many are simply looking for design or remodeling inspiration. Either way, featuring your flooring in a model home can be a great way to get your product seen and your brand recognized. Offer builders discount pricing on your flooring in exchange for on-site advertising. That way you can make sure that any model home featuring your flooring provides brochures and contact information for your company.

"Floor" Customers With Your Showroom

Your showroom should be your primary method of advertising. Creating a beautiful, inviting showroom to display your flooring products will help your customers imagine how the wood, tile, linoleum, stone or other flooring would appear in their own home. Consider partitioning off sections of your showroom and laying them out like a real home. For instance, you could highlight your tile products in a bathroom or kitchen setting, or your wood flooring in a living room.

"Makeover" Your Marketing

Flooring can make a huge difference in a home, and you should take advantage of this fact by creating print collateral (or website pages) that depict before and after photos from some of your jobs. Of course, you’ll need to ask your customers’ permission before using their homes in your marketing materials, but many consumers will be eager to “show off” their beautiful, updated flooring. Consider creating a brochure that features four or five of your best makeovers.

Get Social With It

Since you’ll want to keep your marketing very visual, Instagram is the perfect way to break into social media marketing. Encourage customers to follow you on Instagram by promoting it on your website and through in-store displays and print advertising. Then, start posting regular photos of your flooring. Possible photos could include a new wood finish you just introduced to customers, or a snapshot of a beautiful, completed project. You can even hold Instagram promotional contests encouraging your customers to post to a certain hashtag or @mention your company for the chance to win free or discounted flooring.