When you're a graphic designer, you're paid to be creative. So when you're promoting your own business, the creativity that you put into your own marketing campaign also serves as a portfolio of your talents. Look at some things other designers have done to give you a jumping off point for creating your own campaign.

Business Cards

Promote your graphic design business by using a business card as an example of your work. Make your card eye-catching and creative. It should be impressive enough that a potential client remembers it the next time he needs a creative marketing plan. Take advantage of both sides of the card and use unusual sizes, finishes or shapes in order to stand out from the crowd. For example, you can make a card with a woodlike finish and metallic ink etched into the wood or create a card that folds into a shape like a cube or an origami swan.


Although you don't want to offer free design services because doing so can devalue your business, you can give away something that is related to your business as a form of marketing. For example, you can write an e-book about the basics of Web design and give it to potential clients, knowing that they may remember your business the next time they need a designer. You can give away stickers of your business logo or other images you've designed, as long as they focus on designs that are clever or attractive enough people will want to use the stickers.


Blogging is a creative way you can showcase your expertise and find new customers. If you specialize in WordPress designs, then you can create a WordPress blog that talks about work you've done for clients and offers advice to other people who are creating WordPress blogs. Give advice on your blog, such as how to communicate well with clients or the elements of the perfect logo. Try to pick topics that people will search for, leading new customers to your site.


If a business card is too small to showcase your talents, create and distribute free eye-catching postcards that people will want to use. You'll be showcasing your skills not only to the people sending the cards but also to the people receiving them. Ask local stores, coffee shops and even art galleries if you can leave free postcards for people to pick up. Find a colorful and attractive design that you've made and put it on the front of the postcard, along with your website and any additional information you want people to have about you.