Your company's logo can be as important as its name. An effective logo differentiates your business from your competition and creates a favorable first impression that is reinforced over time. If you are creative and know exactly what you want your logo to convey, you might be able to design one yourself, although you also can enlist the aid of a professional graphic designer.

Brand Identification

A logo identifies your brand and establishes it in the minds of consumers. Think of some of the dominant companies of our time and how their logos represent the brand - companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Ford and AT&T, for example, have indelibly imprinted their logos on consumers' consciousness by heavily and steadily promoting them. A logo adds a visual image that people automatically associate with the company. It is important to incorporate your company's name and possibly your marketing slogan into your logo design so that consumers learn to associate them with your logo.

Projecting Personality

Logos can define your company's personality, which in turn can make it more attractive to consumers. A logo featuring a friendly cartoon character or cute animal can make consumers feel at ease and develop a sense of trust in your company, even before they ever have done business with you. A brightly colored or uniquely designed logo can project an air of originality and innovation. You also can use your logo to create an image of speed and efficiency.

Internet Appeal

You can enhance your ability to establish an Internet presence with a distinctive logo. With all the creativity that goes into designing a website, an eye-catching logo is essential to differentiate your site from those of your competitors. You might only have a second or two to catch the attention of people surfing the Internet, so a creative logo is important to keeping viewers from moving to another site. Be sure to include your logo in your email signature for additional exposure.

Marketing Strategy

By including your logo in advertising vehicles such as newspaper and magazine ads, flyers, Internet banner ads and your business cards, you encourage people to associate your marketing message with your logo, and by extension, with your business. Distributing promotional products emblazoned with your logo such as pens, T-shirts, Frisbees, coffee mugs and bumper stickers can be an effective part of your marketing efforts.