To become a successful leader within an industry, a company must develop a successful marketing strategy. Part of any successful marketing strategy is developing and promoting a successful brand name for your product or service. Effective branding of products and services is important because it creates a message that makes your product stand out from the rest.


Unified branding embraces the concept of putting out a unified message for all of a company's products and services. You are looking to deliver "one experience" to the consumer with your brand. Unified branding aligns all branding strategies within the organization to product a positive experience for the customer.


The message you put out for your company should be a strong one not easily copied by competitors. A unified branding message is a cost efficient and effective way of defining your brand. One unified branding message will make your products and services easily remembered by customers. By putting out a unified branding message, you are creating awareness in the consumer for your product line.


Many methods can be used to create a unique unified branding strategy. Color schemes play an important role, along with graphics, logos and slogans. These elements blend together to form a unique brand that captures the attention and makes an emotional impression in the mind of the consumer. An example of a unified slogan is the famous, "Have It Your Way" from Burger King. Another successful unified branding example is the Nike logo found on all its products.


A unified branding strategy can result in opportunities for growth. Once you have established your brand in the minds and hearts of customers, you can begin to introduce innovative new product offerings. An established brand has loyal customers who are willing to try new products from a company the have grown to trust. Once the customer has good experiences with your products and services, he will return to your company and be willing to try new product lines.